Theo Hunt


During my placement year with Focusrite/Novation I was asked to lead a project to develop a new test fixture. The result – TheoLogic – automates the quality assurance testing of a variety of the company’s audio products.

Early testing completed on TheoLogic.




Project Management

Design For Manufacture

Component Sourcing

Designing Test Routines

Use of Marlin firmware


April 2021 – July 2022

I led and managed the TheoLogic test fixture project to completion. TheoLogic is designed to test the actuation force of the buttons and keys on Launchkey and Launchpad products to ensure they all meet specification. TheoLogic removes human error from testing and is able to provide results automatically with very little human interaction. The success of TheoLogic has prompted the development of a second, desktop size, test fixture for testing Launchpad exclusively.